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About Us


Tennis Connection is a college tennis placement service company. We focus on helping high school tennis players get into the right college from an athletic and academic perspective. We design individualized plans, tournament schedules and college showcases during the four-year process leading up to college to maximize the chances of getting into each player’s school of choice. We facilitate contacts with college coaches, produce 4K tennis videos, assist in setting up college visits, and help building relationships with coaches in the preferred schools.
Many tennis players are not aware of the high academic and extracurricular demands required by colleges’ athletic departments and many high school guidance counselors are not aware of the demanding physical, time and travel commitment required to play tennis at a collegiate level.
Tennis Connection combines expertise in all areas and is your one-stop shop for navigating the recruiting process to get into college tennis.

Why Us?

The difference between Tennis Connection and other recruiting services out there can be summed up in one word: Personalized! Many recruiting services target clients in their junior year, make a video for them, send a few form emails to college coaches and charge a large fee for minimal work. There is never any relationship established and quite frankly, they never find out much information about their client. The truth of the matter is it’s almost impossible to find the right school for a person based on 2 meetings and a few different rankings on the Internet. At Tennis Connection we seek to establish a personal relationship with our clients over a 2-4 year period to gather as much information as possible in order to find the right school both academically and athletically for each client and we make sure they are on track each step of the way with continued meetings and video analysis.

How It Works?

Our system is based on consistent meetings, goal setting sessions and video analysis with constant changes and revisions to goals and outlooks in order to get clients in the best possible situation both academically and athletically by the time they are ready to pick a college. Once clients are ready to start looking at schools, we help them find the schools that are the best fit for them athletically and academically as well as help them through the application and recruiting process. After the application process is completed and a school is chosen, we do not stop! We help students look for scholarships or grants that many colleges offer that parents or other services are unaware of to help decrease the cost of college. We also strive to maintain a relationship throughout the college years so we can watch our clients continue to grow both as a tennis player and as a person!

Robby will personally meet with you and tailor a personal successful pathway into the college tennis that you best fit into with all the credentials you have in a comfortable friendly environment.

Thank you Rob!!!

Check out this thank you video from students 


Blake Bazarnik - University of Illinois

I can’t begin to describe how much Rob helped me not only in tennis, but in life as well. Rob was an amazing mentor for me growing up and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to have him as my coach. I started working with Rob when I was 16 and prior to seeing him, I had some success as a tennis player, but was struggling to get to that next level. Rob’s passion and positive energy is contagious and was exactly what I needed. I went from being a good Midwest player to a top 10 player in the nation after just over a year of working with Rob. All of the help from Rob allowed me to get scholarship offers from more schools then I ever thought would be interested and I ultimately decided Vanderbilt University. As I stated earlier, Rob didn’t only help me with tennis, but he has helped me through life. After being at Vanderbilt for two years, I decided that it was not the right decision for me and one of the first people I called for help was Rob. After explaining my situation to him, Rob helped make it possible for me to go to the University of Illinois to play tennis for my last two seasons. If it wasn’t for Rob’s guidance, I am not sure where I would be right now. Rob will always be a great friend and mentor for me throughout the rest of my life.

William Kasten - Boston College

Until a short time ago I was a committed full -time hockey player. Rob coached me in tennis when I had a break in my hockey schedule. Two summers ago, I asked Rob to meet with me to have an honest discussion about whether I had the potential to play college tennis if I were to make a switch from hockey. Rob told me that I would have to work hard but that he felt I could go as far as I wanted in tennis. I knew he believed this, and this encouraged me to commit myself to competitive tennis. Since that time, Rob has helped me to reach a level of play where I have been recruited by Division I and Division III college programs with top coaches, and I am so grateful for these opportunities. Rob has coached me with a long- term focus on building fundamentals and has helped me build a foundation to improve from. He has a vision for coaching top -level players which has been key to my development. In addition, Rob has been an amazing mentor as I have learned my way through local, national, and international tournament play. He has provided counsel through tough moments in tennis. He himself has great fortitude that I have recognized and learned from and that I will continue to apply to the difficult moments in tennis and in life. I am very grateful to Rob for his coaching, counsel, mentorship, and continued support.

Kaya Rand - DePaul University

Rob, Robert, Robby, Karobu Budacsek…. Where do I begin. I can’t say enough of how thankful I am that you are my coach. I have been playing tennis since I was three years old, traveling all around the world due to my mom’s job at the United Nations. I’ve lived in Uzbekistan, Japan, Thailand, and for the longest time (7 years), Italy. I have been able to train with high class coaches from all over the world, but no one has impacted me as much as Rob has. When I was living in Italy, my mom was relocated to Syria for her work. It was an extremely hard time for me, mentally and emotionally. It was hard to continue playing the game I love because I was never truly happy with everything that was happening in my life at the time. Around 4 years later, my mom got relocated yet again to an Island in the South Pacific. This required my family and I to move due to our visa’s being expired, and since my brother had decided to go to Loyola University in the city of Chicago, we moved there as well.

A major factor, if not the most important factor, for us moving to Illinois was Rob Budacsek. I can honestly say that I needed a coach who saw what I saw in me. I have always had much bigger goals and dreams than to just simply be a collegiate player, and have had to fight to prove everyone who didn’t believe in me, wrong. Rob knew that and saw the passion and desire I have for the sport. It was a tough couple of years starting to play tennis in the US, but with a lot of hard work, pain, tears, discipline, and belief, I improved tremendously. If you are looking for someone to help you get into collegiate tennis, Rob is your guy. The amount of connections to coaches everywhere he has through Tennis Connection is incredible. Without a doubt you’ll be able to go to the right college for you!

I am now currently focusing on the ITF Junior tour and am planning to continue to reach for my dreams, playing the top-level tournaments. I owe so much to you Rob. Thank you for always sticking by me, pushing me to my limits, believing in me, and showing me that I am not one to be underestimated. Time to take on the world now! Allezzzzz!

Stefano Tsorotiotis - Oklahoma University

First off I want to mention the type of person Robby is... Caring, selfless, generous, etc. I came to Robby when I was 13 years old and he is the reason I became the player let alone the man I am today. He’s taught me the beauty of the game as well as making the most out of the quality of life. I’ve had the opportunity to train with world renown coaches like Stan Smith for example, as well as get a scholarship to IMG academy and the University of Oklahoma. But no coach has compared to Robby and many other can say the same. I truly do not believe I would be where I am today without his mentoring, guidance, and experience. Still to this day Robby hits the best ball for his age as well. He’s in his late 40s now, I feel like he looks younger and gets fitter everyday!

Once again thanks Robby for everything you’ve done!

Jacob Edelchik - Lehigh University

"I started hitting with Robby when I was 11 years old and he has done so much to my game. Robby knows the game so well and knew my game better than I did. He is an incredible mentor, and when I needed help, I knew I could reach out to him. Even when times were tough, Robby was always on my side. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. It's unfortunate that Lehigh is not right by Chicago, or else I would still be hitting with him weekly. Robby is someone I would highly recommend if you want to take your game to the next level!”

Ryan Preston - Vanderbilt University

“I can't say enough about what Rob has done for me as a player and a person. I was fortunate to meet and begin working with Rob when I was coming out of my last year of 14's and trying to transition into playing at a more physical and demanding 16's and 18's level. At the time I was still small and undersized for my age, but we knew I was going to grow and Rob was able to envision where my game was going to need to be in order to have success at an 18's level and beyond. When I started with Rob, I had somewhat stalled in terms of the development of my tennis game, but within the first couple years under Rob I went from being a mediocre Midwest level player to being able to compete and win many more matches at the national level. I bought into Rob's vision for the best type of tennis that would suite my strengths and style. We started making adjustments and working on weaknesses, all of which allowed my game to really flourish and come together as I was starting to be recruited by several of the nations top collegiate programs. I ended up choosing to accept a scholarship to play for Vanderbilt University and had an excellent and successful experience playing for the Commodores. There is no way that I would have ever had the career and experience that I did if I hadn't had Rob's help and guidance through that process and the years leading up to it. Many of the lessons of professionalism, hard work, and discipline that he demanded from me on a daily basis have served me well, not only in my tennis career, but in my endeavors after tennis and into medical school. I will always consider Rob to be a great friend and mentor.”

Karyna Bihel - University of Illinois Chicago

“I have so many things to say about Rob. He is an amazing person and my role model. I look up to him more than anyone else and know that I can always come to him for advice, wether it would be about tennis, college, or just life. I started working with Rob when I was 8 years old and it was the best decision of my life. He took my tennis game and got me to the level where I can play D1 tennis at a Big Ten school. He made tennis fun and motivated me to work harder every day on the court. I loved traveling to tournaments with him and having him coach me there. I consider Rob a father figure in my life and have been so fortunate to become so close with him and his family over the years. Even now that I’m in college, I still call him when I need advice on my game, or just general stuff. He is someone I can always count on. I wouldn’t be where I am now If it wasn’t for Rob. He has shaped my life both on and off the court. He has taught me how to give it my all, work for the things I want, and to keep my head up even when there’s bumps in the road. Having him as my coach has been the best thing that could’ve happened for my tennis game and having him as a role model has been the best thing for me as a person.”

Jack Kasbeer - Carnegie Mellon

“At the Chicago District Qualifier, I was playing Conrad Harron, someone who was known to be twice as good as me, and I had just won the second set when Rob sat me down to talk before the final third set (best of 3 sets to win). I vividly remember Rob staring into my eyes, and with absolute confidence, he said, “Jack, you are better than this kid. You have created fear in his heart... You can win this match. All you have to do is believe in your talent.” That’s when I understood how much Rob meant to me and how much he had already impacted my life. In that moment, I felt unstoppable. The hardest thing for me to do has always been growing up. Math, science (school in general), activities outside of school, sports, these have always come naturally to me; but coping with problems at home has always been difficult. Unfortunately, my dad has always been an incredibly hardworking individual, so naturally he wasn’t around often. Freshmen year, I found the male figure: my tennis coach. Rob Budacsek has influenced my life in ways that I cannot put into writing. He’s been my mentor for three incredible years, and he has helped me become the person I am today. For the first time in my life, I feel like I know who I am, what I’m capable of, and what’s in my future, all because of Rob’s guidance. He has always been there for me when I needed him; even when my problems are completely unrelated to tennis, Rob always offers his words of wisdom. Rob helped me discover who I am by using my potential to create a tennis player, which simultaneously made me a better person outside of the tennis world. He taught me discipline on the court, which in effect did the same for me off the court. He showed me what it means to work hard at everything you do because your actions define you. Rob worked me as hard as my body would allow every time I walked onto the tennis court, pushing my game to new levels; but the most important thing he’s ever done for me was not accomplished on the court, it was achieved off it. Rob has incredible influence on me because of the way he shaped me throughout my high school years and showed me guidance when no one else could. He is both my mentor and my trainer, and I will forever be indebted to him. -If you ever need help in tennis or college tennis, Rob will get you there!”

Aimee Tarun - University of Iowa

“I started working with Rob Budacsek in 2010 and I can 100% say that it's the best decision I have ever made for my tennis game. I started working with him my sophomore year of high school and had high college goals, and he has  helped me achieve them. He helped me a ton and I would not be playing college tennis where I am, if it wasn't for him. He has many connections with D1-D3 college coaches and knows a great deal about the recruiting process. He has been in the tennis industry for over 40 years and has helped many kids get into colleges. He will tell you what you need to do and help you along the way. Choosing Rob's Tennis Connection services is something you will definitely not regret. “ I also will proudly add that I'm currently ranked on the WTA Tour and that is thanks to Rob's mentoring, coaching and guidance.

Jonathan Schroeder - Boston College

“As a former student and long time friend of Rob, I can confidently say that he is the best in business when it comes to the placement of prospective collegiate tennis players.  He has a straight forward, no nonsense approach to the college recruiting process.  Rob encourages his students to strive for positions at "stretch" schools, both athletically and academically, while at the same time being honest about where they currently stand in the eyes of college recruiters and how they can best improve their chances of admission.  Perhaps his best quality, however, is his vast network of college coaches.  From the top schools of division 1 through the lower levels of division 3, he has established relationships with numerous head and assistant coaches.  If you are a prospective athlete looking for guidance in the college placement process, look no further than Rob Budacsek at Tennis Connection.”

Jacqueline Baum - Tufts University

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I never thought that a single person could have as much of an impact on me as you have had, and I’m so grateful for that. Committing to Tufts University is something I couldn’t even dream of a year ago, and I am so proud to say that I’m a Jumbo. It is an outstanding accomplishment and you have been a huge role in making it happen, because you always believed in me and supported me. You have been an amazing mentor and role model to me for the last couple years, and you will continue to be for my entire life. Not only have you motivated me through your tennis accomplishments, but your attitude, perspectives, and outlook on life are truly inspiring. You have taught me the value of hard work, determination, and confidence. Most importantly, you have taught me to believe in myself. I know that if I can obtain half the attitude you have by college, I will have succeeded. You’ve coached me for a little less than four years, and I feel like I’ve become a much better tennis player and person since then. I’ve become more responsible, independent and confident, and I’m so happy with the person I’ve become. Not only can I now hit a backhand volley and a slice, but I now have faith in myself and can see myself along with other things in a more positive light. I hope you always continue coaching at CPAC, because you are an amazing role model for every student there. You have such a great influence on all of us, because your positivity and attitude is contagious. One of the qualities I admire most of you is your ability to stand out. You can always feel your presence in the room. When you talk, everyone wants to listen. When you say jump, everyone jumps. Moving forward, with whatever I choose to do with my life, I hope to also find a way to stand out and make a difference, because that is a quality of a true champion. Again, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You have been there for me for the past four years and never stopped believing in me. You have helped me become a more well-rounded, mature, and confident individual and tennis player, and I’ll never forget that. “

Brian Alden - University of Iowa

“I credit a ton of my success to Rob Budacsek, he took me on at a young age and turned me into a complete player. Without him I would have never been able to receive a scholarship from one of the top programs in the nation.”

Ryann Young - Cornell University

“I started working with Rob the summer before I started college, and I honestly regret not starting with him sooner. Going into that summer I felt pretty good about my game. However, by the time I left for school, I felt very confident about starting my freshman year on the Cornell tennis team. Over the past four years, Rob has really brought my game to a whole new level by pushing me to work harder than I ever thought I could and by instilling confidence in me. Now, when I step on the court, I believe in myself so much more that I ever did before working with Rob. Thank you Rob for helping me achieve my goal of being an All-Ivy League player. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Gabrielle Nixon - University of Wisconsin

“To simply thank Rob for all he has done for me is insufficient. At the beginning of my junior year I was basically forced to begin hitting at College Park by my dad following a pretty low point in my tennis career. After just one day hitting under the guidance of Rob, it was clear to me that he was unlike any of the other coaches I had been exposed to over the years. After playing with the same coach my whole life, I had never wanted to begin working with anyone else until I saw how Rob handled his students on and off the court. His optimistic attitude and focused sessions each day have changed my entire perspective about tennis.
"When I first came to Rob I was a scrappy player who basically tried to end the point as quickly as possible. Rob taught me patience and made coming to College Park to work with him and everyone there the best part of my day. Through his challenging yet gratifying approach to tennis I have become the player I always hoped to be and enjoyed every minute. Rob's positivity, charisma, and dedication all make him the perfect person for anyone to trust to take them to new heights in tennis and teach them plenty about life along the way. Once coming off the court after a tough practice consisted of anger or tears but with Rob's reassurance I have learned to cope with mistakes and strive to improve with my head held high. Besides building me into an improved athlete and person, Rob helped me achieve my dream of playing tennis for the University of Wisconsin. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone like Rob who truly made me believe in myself over these past few years. College park will always feel like a second home to me and Rob is someone I will always look up to.”

Julia Jamieson - University of Illinois

"I was looking for a new tennis coach when I was 15 and just moved into the Chicago area. Rob was recommended to me and having hit with him just once, I was immediately drawn to his positive coaching style. I hadn't played many tennis tournaments at the time, but Rob had faith and belief in me and my abilities. He is a very positive person and is dedicated to his students and their growth. There is more than one way to play the game of tennis. Rob recognizes his student’s strengths and what style works best for them. He improved my game by focusing on my athleticism and helped me use it to my advantage. My game has changed drastically from the years of hitting with Rob. Today I am a scholarship D1 athlete and he is a major reason as to why I reached this high point in my life. If it weren't for his encouragement and confidence I wouldn't be where I am today."

Meg Crowley - DePauw University

"Rob has been a teacher, coach and mentor to me for almost six years. I differentiate between those three terms because I believe they are very different, and to find a coach that can offer all three of those qualities is incredibly rare and special. He is a wonderful teacher because his extensive professional experience and expertise gives him a realm of knowledge that is unmatched by most coaches. Rob has real, applicable experience like playing on tour and he knows the game inside and out and how to pass that on to young players. Additionally, he is a coach, because he knows how to push his players to excel and compete to their full potential. He takes the time to get to know his students and he applies that to how to coach them in the best way possible. Rob is also an incredible mentor. Someone who is always there to give advice or help pick you up out of a rut. From personal experience: I have called him in college when I have felt hopeless and down about my game and he has been able to talk me through it and get me back on my feet and competing with the passion and love he knows I have for the game. Rob has a unparalleled natural talent and enthusiasm for the game, and his ability to pass this on to junior players is evident to all who watch him coach or give a lesson. I feel lucky to have had so many great years with him as my coach. Thanks for everything Rob!"

Taylor Hampshire - Lehigh University

"I started working with Rob my Sophomore year of high school when I decided to take my game to the next level. Rob helped me achieve my goal to play Division 1 tennis where I played No. 1 singles and No. 1 doubles as a Freshman while also making an All Conference team at Lehigh University. He pushed and challenged me both physically and mentally during every lesson which prepared me for all of my college experiences. Not only did Rob help me on and off the court, he also helped me mature into a player that could deal with injuries, school as well as how to balance it all."

Anna Ruth Kaplan - Bowdoin College

I started working with Rob fairly late in my junior tennis career. In the summer leading up to my junior year, I went to a couple of Rob’s drills just to try them out. My current coach at the time was in the process of moving clubs, and wasn’t sure where he was going to work out of then. I knew going into my junior year, I would need someone to take lessons from during the week, and so I asked Rob if he would be willing to hit with me a couple times a week during the beginning of my junior year, and he agreed, and fit me into his schedule. Meanwhile, my old coach ended up finding a club to work out of, so I took lessons from him as well as from Rob. However, by the end of the fall, it became apparent to me that I could only hit with one of them as my private coach. It was a really difficult decision because I had been with my old coach for almost three years, and I knew he had an excellent track record in getting his students into college. However, I had also heard a lot of great things about Rob. I knew it would be risky to switch coaches in the middle of my junior year, but I didn’t see myself getting much better with my old coach, so I ended up asking Rob to take me on as a full time student in November of 2011. Within two weeks, Rob had convinced me that my forehand grip and technique needed to be changed. He told me it would be a huge adjustment and it would take some time for it to feel comfortable and consistent. The first month or so was probably one of the hardest months I had even spent on a tennis court. Whenever I hit a forehand, I would hit it into the bottom of the net or into the tarp more often than the court. But every time I missed, Rob kept encouraging me and telling me what to correct and eventually I started to make it more. Within two months, I was hitting my forehand consistently in the court in high-level Midwest and national tournaments. It wasn’t perfect, but it was getting better. However, I wasn’t quite getting the results I wanted yet. I felt like I was able to beat all the players I should be beating, but I lost most of the matches that were more even. But Rob kept pushing me and encouraging me in practice and in lessons, and by the spring of my junior year, I went on a roll. I won almost every match I played during the months of April and May, and I won five matches in a row in the Chicago Qualifier after a tough first round loss. I remember after winning my final match of the tournament and seeing the pride in his face, and how glad it made me that I had chosen him as my coach. It made me feel so excited to get back on the court and keep working hard every day. That summer, I played my toughest tournament schedule, ranging from Midwest sectional tournaments to national clay courts. I also played a recruiting tournament at Princeton called the Donovan Showcase. Every tournament went well. At the showcase tournament, every school I was interested in reciprocated that interest. I had coaches coming up to me at the tournament talking to me, and emailing me after, asking me to take a visit to their campus. And it didn’t hurt that I was winning more matches than I ever had in a summer. Some of my biggest results of the summer included beating the #2 seed in singles at the regional tournament in St. Louis, and making it to the round of 16, making the quarterfinals there in doubles, winning a round at clay courts, and getting 4th place in singles and doubles in the Midwest level 4 tournament in Ann Arbor. Looking back on that summer now, I don’t think I could have done that well without Rob. It seemed as if I peaked at the perfect time of my junior career, right during my recruiting summer. Coaches from so many schools were interested in me that I was only able to go to a fraction of them for official visits. I ended up narrowing my selection to Carnegie Mellon University and Bowdoin College. Both of these schools were ranked in the top 10 in Division III and were top-notch academically, with great science programs, which is my area of interest. However, I knew I could only pick one, and I had a really difficult time deciding, but Rob and I spent a lot of hard thought on it, and I believe he led me to one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. I ended up committing to Bowdoin College, which is now ranked #6 in the country leading into the spring season, and is the 20th ranked undergraduate school in the country academically. I am currently looking to major in Biochemistry and Neuroscience there, and minor in Russian. I feel like I am now at a place that has set me up for such a successful and happy life, and I owe a lot of that to Rob. He helped me reach a lot of highs and battle through a lot of lows. After committing to Bowdoin, I struggled with my tennis, and a lot of personal issues as well, all the way through my senior year and into the summer. I’d be lying if I said my senior year was awesome, because it wasn’t. But Rob not only stuck with me as a coach, but also as a mentor. He became someone that I felt comfortable sharing a lot of personal things with, because he always had really good advice to give, and he never judged me, no matter what I told him. He would just listen and answer. He was so patient with me, even though I know it must have been frustrating to watch someone he had built up as a tennis player crash and burn. I know that I can be difficult to put up with a lot, but Rob stuck with me, and he really showed the kind of person he was, by sticking with me until the very end. He helped me overcome a lot of issues, and by the end of the summer, I had found my tennis game again, and was also comfortable with myself as a person. I owe a lot of that to Rob. He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and he gave me hope, even when there seemed to be none. But without him, I don’t think I could have fought out of the low points I hit throughout this past year, and I don’t think I would be where I am today as a tennis player or as a person. He not only taught me how to become a better tennis player, but also how to love tennis, and most importantly, how to love myself.

Brian Weisberg - Denison University

Our history with Rob spans only 5 years.  When our son entered High School, it became obvious we needed something more out of our son’s coaching experience than we were getting. Rob was the clearest choice.  The depth of his team, their commitment to excellence, and his personal commitment to the kids are second to none.  Rob sets an environment that enables the kids to genuinely flourish.

Rob’s role took on another dimension last year when it came time for College.  Rob became a valuable resource when our son decided he really did want to play college tennis.  Rob helped us decide what type of environment was best for our son, both athletically and scholastically. His relationships with the college coaches played a key role in helping us decide just which college would be the best for Brian.  As we’ve begun this phase of our life, we’re enjoying the collegiate tennis world, and remain grateful that Brian decided to integrate tennis into his college experience.    Everything about it is positive... from the like minded friends he’s made on the team,  to the commitments he’s had to make physically for tennis and scholastically for school, as well as socially for himself are all good.

Thank you Rob ….. for setting Brian’s feet on the right road.  We are forever grateful.


Dave & Cyd  Weisberg

Danielle Blaser - Boston University

Dani started playing tennis when she was 8 years old. She worked with many tennis pros at various tennis clubs. We found it necessary to find new tennis pros several times because many of them changed jobs or moved out of state to pursue new opportunities. It was difficult to have any continuity or build the right foundation for her tennis development. She enjoyed playing and competing but didn’t decide to pursue college tennis until she was 15!

Dani began to work with Rob the summer before her senior year of high school. She was part of the High Performance group that Rob directs but she had not been doing private tennis lessons with him. We consulted him about the college search and the best way to approach it. Rob has built an excellent network among college tennis coaches. During this process I asked him if he could provide private lessons with her.

Once Rob began to work with Dani, he quickly assessed what it would take for Dani to be ready to play in college. His in-depth coaching experience allowed him to effectively motivate Dani to make the necessary changes in her tennis and fitness training. He sent her to a nutritionist so she could have the energy required for the physical demands of her training. He taught her to build upon her strengths and to overcome her weaknesses. He also encouraged her to utilize and enhance her “tennis style”. Rob understands the importance of earning the trust of his players.

She has more confidence in her tennis than ever before. She can see how all her hard work has paid off. As a parent it is wonderful to see your daughter experience success, which can be attributed to a great deal of effort and dedication. Her experience working with Rob has given her the foundation to embark upon new experiences with confidence. My husband and I are thrilled that Dani plays tennis for Boston University.

Kris Blaser

Lawson Barter - Saint Francis University

"Ever since I can remember it was my dream to play division one college tennis. I constantly worked hard and every day I tried to get one day better. At the age of 15 I was at a crossroads, my coach for 8 years left for a college coaching job. I was in need for a coach that would help me take that next step. After joining College Park Athletic Club, Rob saw how hard I wanted to make it and decided to take me as his student. When Rob asked what my goal was I told him that I wanted to play division one college tennis. Without hesitation Rob told me, "Okay, lets get to work." I knew at that moment that Rob was the coach I needed to take me to the next level. Rob sharpened my skills and helped develop new weapons that would benefit me in college. As a result I received a division one tennis scholarship to Saint Francis University (PA).

I can honestly say that without Rob's help I would not have been a college tennis player. He understands that every player is different and knows how to explain difficult aspects of the game for all levels of players. Most importantly he has helped me grow as a person. I owe a lot of my success in tennis to Rob and I am grateful to have had him as my coach and now a colleague. If you are looking for a coach to take you to that next level, Rob Budacsek is the coach for you.

About Robby

Robby Budacsek - Founder/President

Robby was born in 1970 in a Hungarian town, the only son to Marian and Stefan Budacsek. When Robby was three years old, he, his parents, and holocaust surviving grandparents, immigrated to Israel. Robby started playing tennis as an 8-year-old in a small club in Netanya, Israel. It was clear from the beginning that Robby was very talented for the sport. In 1980, he joined the 12 and under national team in the Israel Tennis Center in Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv. For the following 8 years he trained 6 days a week, 4 hours a day. His dream was to turn pro and become a champion.

In 1988 Robby reached #2 singles and #1 doubles under 18 in the Israeli national rankings. Soon thereafter, he reached a career high of #7 men’s singles and #9 men’s doubles in the Israeli national rankings. In the Men’s National Championships Robby reached the Quarterfinals in both 1995 and 1996. He also represented his country in many international championships.

During the years 1988 and 1991 Robby completed three years of mandatory military service in the (IDF) military police division. Due to his success as a junior player he was fortunate to have received a sports exemption, which allowed him to continue to train daily and compete regularly.

In order to earn money for traveling on the tour, Robby signed a contract with the German professional league in the spring of 1992. During the five seasons of the contract duration, Robby won all but one singles matches and won all his doubles matches. Also in 1992, he officially turned pro and ranked #1096 ATP singles and #674 doubles. 

After retiring from the tour in 1996, Robby became the youngest Head Coach for the Israel Tennis Center. Within a year Robby received the ITC/ITA Israel's Coach of the year award. He worked with the nation’s best juniors, highly ranked ITF, WTA and ATP players, at the Israel Tennis Center in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon. Later, he became the Head Professional for the Israel Tennis Associations’ excellence program in the Wingate Institute of Physical Fitness. Rob represented Israel in many international fund-raising events and traveled as a national coach to many international tournaments.

In 1997, Robby met his future wife Katerina, who worked for a sports marketing company at that time. They married in July 1999 in her native Czech Republic.

Early in 1999 Robby and Katerina moved to Florida where Robby joined the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Pompano Beach. In May of 2000, Robby joined the Herrmann Tennis Academy in Northbrook, Illinois as a Co-Director and a personal coach. In March 2008 Robby became the Director of the High Performance program at the College Park Athletic Club in Deerfield, Illinois.   In May 2009 their twin girls Alicia & Sophia were born. Happiness!

In 2013 Robby received the prestigious USPTA Individual Coach of the Year award.

He has developed dozens and dozens of junior players into top D1 college players and professional players on the ATP/WTA 

Some of Robby’s protégés include Josh Cohen (USA) #1319 ATP, Julia Cohen (USA) #111 WTA, Brendan Evans (USA) #174 ATP, Dudi Sela (ISR) #37 ATP, Ishay Hadash (ISR) #496 ATP, Amit Inbar (ISR) #561 ATP, Dori Sadovnik (ISR) #893 ATP, Matan Shitrit (ISR) #1456 ATP, Harel Srugo (ISR) #703 ATP, Maor Zirkin (ISR) #1308, Roy Sichel (ISR) #876, Moshe Levi (ISR) #1295 ATP, Tina Pisnik (SLO) #29 WTA, Wendy Fix (USA) #250 WTA, Ryan Preston (USA) #1004 ATP, Chris Klingemann (USA) #517 ATP, and Ryan Heller (USA) #108 NCAA/Illinois State Champion 2002. And many many more successful collegiate players in all divisions across the USA.

Certification – USPTA Professional, Wingate Institute of physical fitness Israel.


CPAC Serves Event

Doubles exhibition match at CPAC with Kevin Anderson/Ryan Rowe VS. Rageev Ram/Robby Budacsek

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