Freshmen Year and on Consulting

  • Freshmen through senior year recruiting package
  • Contains all of Bronze through Gold
  • Emphasis placed on early understanding of phases of the process
  • Importance of class selection
  • Paves the path for easier college placement process down the road
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Sophomore Year and on Consulting

  • Sophomore, junior and senior recruiting package
  • Contains content of bronze and silver package
  • Also includes on and off court evaluations
  • Fitness scheduling and training regiment provided
  • Additional 4K video analysis for stroke and match play
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Junior Year and on Consulting

  • Junior and senior year recruiting package
  • Comprehensive academic analysis
  • Player overview and player/coach correspondence established
  • Senior Summer training schedule and college visits schedule
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Senior Year Consulting

  • Senior year expedited college recruiting package
  • College Recruiting 4K video
  • Tournament/showcase schedule
  • College visits scheduling
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