About Us

Tennis Connection is a college tennis placement service company. We focus on helping high school tennis players get into the right college from an athletic and academic perspective. We design individualized plans, tournament schedules and college showcases during the four-year process leading up to college to maximize the chances of getting into each player’s school of choice. We facilitate contacts with college coaches, produce 4K tennis videos, assist in setting up college visits, and help building relationships with coaches in the preferred schools.
Many tennis players are not aware of the high academic and extracurricular demands required by colleges’ athletic departments and many high school guidance counselors are not aware of the demanding physical, time and travel commitment required to play tennis at a collegiate level.
Tennis Connection combines expertise in all areas and is your one-stop shop for navigating the recruiting process to get into college tennis.

Why are we different?

The difference between Tennis Connection and other recruiting services out there can be summed up in one word: Personalized! Many recruiting services target clients in their junior year, make a video for them, send a few form emails to college coaches and charge a large fee for minimal work. There is never any relationship established and quite frankly, they never find out much information about their client. The truth of the matter is it’s almost impossible to find the right school for a person based on 2 meetings and a few different rankings on the Internet. At Tennis Connection we seek to establish a personal relationship with our clients over a 2-4 year period to gather as much information as possible in order to find the right school both academically and athletically for each client and we make sure they are on track each step of the way with continued meetings and video analysis.

How it works?

Our system is based on consistent meetings, goal setting sessions and video analysis with constant changes and revisions to goals and outlooks in order to get clients in the best possible situation both academically and athletically by the time they are ready to pick a college. Once clients are ready to start looking at schools, we help them find the schools that are the best fit for them athletically and academically as well as help them through the application and recruiting process. After the application process is completed and a school is chosen, we do not stop! We help students look for scholarships or grants that many colleges offer that parents or other services are unaware of to help decrease the cost of college. We also strive to maintain a relationship throughout the college years so we can watch our clients continue to grow both as a tennis player and as a person!

Robby will personally meet with you and tailor a personal successful pathway into the college tennis that you best fit into with all the credentials you have in a comfortable friendly environment.


Robby Budacsek


Robby was born in 1970 in a Hungarian town, the only son to Marian and Stefan Budacsek. When Robby was three years old, he, his parents, and holocaust surviving grandparents, immigrated to Israel.
Robby started playing tennis as an 8-year-old in a small club in Netanya, Israel. It was clear from the beginning that Robby was very talented for the sport. In 1980, he joined the 12 and under national team in the Israel Tennis Center in Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv. For the following 8 years he trained 6 days a week, 4 hours a day. His dream was to turn pro and become a champion.

In 1988 Robby reached #2 singles and #1 doubles under 18 in the Israeli national rankings. Soon thereafter, he reached a career high of #7 men’s singles and #9 men’s doubles in the Israeli national rankings. In the Men’s National Championships Robby reached the Quarterfinals in both 1995 and 1996. He also represented his country in many international championships.

During the years 1988 and 1991 Robby completed three years of mandatory military service in the (IDF) military police division. Due to his success as a junior player he was fortunate to have received a sports exemption, which allowed him to continue to train daily and compete regularly.

In order to earn money for traveling on the tour, Robby signed a contract with the German professional league in the spring of 1992. During the five seasons of the contract duration, Robby won all but one singles matches and won all his doubles matches. Also in 1992, he officially turned pro and ranked #1086 ATP singles and #720 doubles. After competing 5 years on the ATP tour, Rob reached a career high of #242 ATP singles and #250 ATP doubles ranking. Robby’s best career win was over Italian Gianluca Pozzi, ranked #40 ATP.

After retiring from the tour in 1996, Robby became the youngest Head Coach for the Israel Tennis Center. He worked with the nation’s best juniors, highly ranked ITF, WTA and ATP players, at the Israel Tennis Center in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon. Later, he became the Head Professional for the Israel Tennis Associations’ excellence program in the Wingate Institute of Physical Fitness. Rob represented Israel in many international fund-raising events and traveled as a national coach to many international tournaments.

In 1997, Robby met his future wife Katerina, who worked for a sports marketing company at that time. They married in July 1999 in her native Czech Republic.

Early in 1999 Robby and Katerina moved to Florida where Robby became the Director of Players’ Development at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Pompano Beach. In May of 2000, Robby joined the Herrmann Tennis Academy in Northbrook, Illinois as a Co-Director and a personal coach.
In March 2008 Robby became the Director of the High Performance program at the College Park Athletic Club in Deerfield, Illinois.
In May 2009 their twin girls Alicia & Sophia were born. Happiness!

Some of Robby’s protégés include Josh Cohen (USA) #1319 ATP, Julia Cohen (USA) #111 WTA, Brendan Evans (USA) #174 ATP, Dudi Sela (ISR) #37 ATP, Ishay Hadash (ISR) #496 ATP, Amit Inbar (ISR) #561 ATP, Dori Sadovnik (ISR) #893 ATP, Matan Shitrit (ISR) #1456 ATP, Harel Srugo (ISR) #703 ATP, Maor Zirkin (ISR) #1308, Roy Sichel (ISR) #876, Moshe Levi (ISR) #1295 ATP, Tina Pisnik (SLO) #29 WTA, Wendy Fix (USA) #250 WTA, Ryan Preston (USA) #1004 ATP, Chris Klingemann (USA) #517 ATP, and Ryan Heller (USA) #108 NCAA/Illinois State Champion 2002. And many many more successful collegiate players in all divisions across the USA.

Certification – USPTA Professional, Wingate Institute of physical fitness Israel.



Individual Coach of the Year 2013


Robby has been playing tennis for for more then 39 years with singles and doubles ATP world rankings, coaching USTA/ITF/ATP/WTA ranked high performance tennis for 22 years and placing high school players into US colleges for 17 years



Professional Coach

Certification for  17 years